Why Tattoo Removal is Gaining Popularity

As your tastes change, you may regret decisions you made in the past, such as getting certain tattoos.

If this describes you, Susan J. Seman, DO, FACOS, can help. At her surgical and aesthetics practice in West Bloomfield Township, Michigan, Dr. Seman offers the advanced Spectra™ laser system, which breaks up ink particles without damaging the skin.

How laser tattoo removal works

The Spectra laser system uses a beam of light to target tattoo ink without damaging your skin. As the light breaks up the ink into microscopic particles, the tattoo ink is then absorbed by your body’s immune system and eliminated as waste.

In the weeks after your treatment, this process continues naturally, and the ink becomes less noticeable or disappears completely. To achieve optimal results, Dr. Seman customizes your treatment plan for laser tattoo removal. We typically recommend a series of laser treatments, especially if the tattoo is large or has multiple colors.

Reasons to consider tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal is gaining in popularity for a number of reasons. Here are some of them:


Regretting getting a tattoo is one of the most common reasons people book an appointment for laser tattoo removal.

There are also many people who opt for laser tattoo removal because they regret the location of their tattoo, especially those that are hard to cover with clothing or makeup.

Change of taste

Your tastes might change throughout your lifetime. What was once a trendy tattoo design may no longer be something that brings you joy.

For some, a tattoo choice of the past now brings embarrassment or shame, especially if the designs no longer represent their beliefs.


While there are many more employers today willing to accept tattoos on their employees, some people choose to have their visible tattoos removed because of their career.

Ease of removal

With the many advancements in laser technology for tattoo removal, it’s easier than ever to get rid of unwanted tattoos.

The Spectra laser system that we use can remove tattoos of all shapes and sizes. Treatments can significantly reduce the visibility of your tattoo or eliminate it entirely in just a few sessions.

Minimal risk for side effects

Laser tattoo removal with the Spectra laser offers the benefit of high-quality results with few side effects. Initially after your treatment, you might notice some swelling and redness. However, as your skin heals, these issues will disappear on their own without any medical intervention.

We also provide skin care resources to protect your skin from infection. Within 6-12 months, your skin should return to its normal condition and appearance.

If you’ve been living with regret over your past decision to get tattooed, find out how laser tattoo removal can work for you. To learn more, book an appointment online or over the phone with Susan J. Seman, DO, FACOS, today.

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