Treatments to Help you Fight the Appearance of Aging

Getting older is inevitable, but there are ways to boost the health and vitality of your skin now and preserve your youthful beauty moving forward.

As a skilled skin care specialist, Susan J. Seman, DO, FACOS, offers a variety of nonsurgical skin care services to reverse the signs of aging. Dr. Seman uses advanced anti-aging treatments to not only revive tired, slack skin, but to also keep it looking healthy going into the future.

The impact of aging on your skin

As you age, your skin changes from the inside out. As it changes, a number of things occur, including the following:

Collagen and elastin

With age, your body slows down its production of collagen and elastin, which are two essential proteins that help keep skin healthy. This protein loss causes skin to become thin and slack, which can increase the visibility of fine lines, wrinkles, and creases, especially on the face, hands, and neck.

Skin color

The natural aging process also affects the pigment cells that give your skin its color. The cells can become hyperpigmented, resulting in noticeable age spots and sunspots.


Oil production also decreases with age, which can make skin drier and more difficult to keep moisturized. Dry skin can also be itchy and more sensitive to elements in the environment.

Anti-aging treatments for all skin types

It’s never too late to start preserving the health of your skin. The anti-aging treatments Dr. Seman offers are nonsurgical and generally safe for all types of skin. First, she starts with a comprehensive evaluation of your skin’s health and your aesthetic goals to determine which treatments are right for you, such as:

Chemical peels

Chemical peels are an effective anti-aging treatment Dr. Seman offers to treat a variety of age-related skin issues, including mild wrinkles and fine lines, acne scars, and skin discoloration.

During a chemical peel, she applies a special chemical agent on the surface of your skin. The chemical removes the upper layers of your skin, including the dead skin cells, excess oils, and debris that dull your skin. Peels reveal the healthy, new skin underneath to give you a youthful, fresh appearance.


Ultherapy uses soundwave technology to stimulate new collagen production in your skin. A hand-held applicator delivers the soundwaves through the surface of your skin without the need for incisions and without damaging surrounding tissues.

As new collagen grows, it fills in areas where you’ve lost volume and firms up your skin to smooth out wrinkles, fine lines, and creases.

Botox injections

Botox® is a prescription medicine that temporarily relaxes muscles that contribute to crow’s feet around your eyes and deep-set wrinkles on your brow line. These skin flaws develop after years of squinting and making other repetitive facial expressions.

By injecting Botox into specific areas of your face, contracted muscles relax and your wrinkles and lines become less severe and less noticeable. Results of Botox injections can last for several months, giving you a more refreshed, more alert appearance.

Geneo facials

Geneo is a medical facial that uses natural oxygenation and serum infusions combined with ultrasound and lymphatic drainage to stimulate skin renewal.

This noninvasive treatment helps reoxygenate your skin, and the ultrasound technology helps stimulate skin revitalization at a cellular level. The serum infusions deeply hydrate your skin to keep it dewy and youthful.

Dr. Seman also offers a variety of high-quality skin care products from ZO Skin Health and Jan Marini Skin Research® to help you retain the benefits of your anti-aging treatments in the long term.

Find out which anti-aging treatments are right for you by booking an appointment online or over the phone with Susan J. Seman, DO, FACOS, today.

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