Start Noninvasive CoolSculpting Body Contouring Treatment Now and Have the Body You Want by Spring

Give yourself another reason to look forward to spring by scheduling CoolSculpting treatments this winter. CoolSculpting is a popular, nonsurgical way to reduce stubborn fat deposits. Dr. Susan Seman provides these treatments in-office to help you transform your body and get it summer-ready without a single incision.

Why CoolSculpting is so hot

CoolSculpting is an advanced treatment option that addresses stubborn areas of fat you can’t lose no matter how much you diet or exercise. The technology uses cold energy to freeze fat cells beneath the surface of your skin.

Once frozen, fat cells begin to die off in the weeks following your treatment. Your body metabolizes the dead cells naturally and eliminates them as waste. As a result, your figure becomes redefined. Your body begins to slim down, and your natural contours become more obvious — all without surgery.

Versatility of CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is powerful yet gentle enough to be used on areas of your body prone to fat storage. Areas you can treat to eliminate excess fat cells include:

You can also successfully treat fat that develops under your chin, more commonly known as a double chin.

The best part is Dr. Seman creates a custom treatment plan to address only the areas that leave you unhappy with your appearance.  She can treat just one area of stubborn fat or use the CoolSculpting technology to give you a full body makeover that requires no downtime or recovery — the more sculpted you appears as your body eliminates the dead cells.

No pain, lots of gain

Imagine sitting back and relaxing while CoolSculpting does all the work. You receive these noninvasive treatments in a comfortable office.

Dr. Seman uses a hand-held applicator to apply the cold energy to the areas you want to address. Outside of feeling some cool sensations, you can freeze unwanted fat without any pain or the need for anesthesia, and the treatment doesn’t damage your skin. Once the CoolSculpting treatment is over, some mild redness is normal, but otherwise there are no side effects to worry about when you go back to work or your usual activities.

Be spring ready

Your treatment plan may include a series of CoolSculpting sessions performed over a number of weeks. Even just one session of CoolSculpting can provide you with dramatic results that last.

And once the frozen fat cells die off, they never regenerate. As long as you maintain a healthy diet and get daily physical activity, you can count on retaining your slimmer, slender figure and noticeable curves for good.

It takes some time to see the results of CoolSculpting — you notice a difference within a few weeks, but the most dramatic fat loss is visible after about two to three months, once your body has completely metabolized the dead fat cells. That’s why it’s best to start this body contouring treatment now if you want to show off your sculpted body by spring.


When you’re ready to get started planning your customized treatment plan, schedule a consultation with Dr. Seman by calling the office in West Bloomfield Township, Michigan, or use the convenient online booking feature.

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