Do You Have an Unwanted Tattoo? We Can Help

We all make choices that we regret later. A tattoo is one of the more common things people regret later in life for a variety of reasons.

If your tastes have changed or you get a new job and no longer want that tattoo, Susan J. Seman, DO, FACOS, offers advanced laser technology to remove it. Dr. Seman is specially trained in the Spectra™ laser and uses the tattoo removal technology to break up tattoo ink without damaging your skin.

How the Spectra laser removes unwanted tattoos

The Spectra laser system targets the ink pigments in your skin and uses bursts of light energy to break them apart. Once the ink breaks down, your body removes them naturally as waste. 

While the Spectra laser is strong enough to remove tattoos, it doesn’t harm the surrounding skin. In fact, you can receive your in-office treatment and go right back to your usual activities without any downtime.

The benefits of Spectra laser treatment

The Spectra laser system is highly effective at removing tattoos you no longer want. The system eliminates tattoo ink without side effects or the need for downtime. Other benefits of the Spectra laser system include the following:

Pain-free treatments

You won’t need to receive any anesthesia for your treatment. The process is relatively painless, and Dr. Seman ensures your comfort and safety throughout your treatment.

Customized care plans

Because the Spectra laser system allows Dr. Seman to precisely control the levels of energy she delivers into your skin, your treatment is completely customized to your needs.

The number of laser treatments you’ll need will depend on the size and location of the tattoo as well as the colors of ink used in the image.

Effective for all skin types

It doesn’t matter what your skin type is or how dark the tattoo ink is. The Spectra laser system can treat even deep red and black inks without damaging your skin.

In addition to removing tattoos, Dr. Seman can use the Spectra laser to address other bothersome skin conditions — including acne scars and melasma discoloration — to improve the overall texture and appearance of your skin.

After-treatment care

Dr. Seman recommends that you apply a high-quality sunscreen after each treatment, because your skin may be more sensitive for a while after treatment. You’ll also need to practice a regular skin care regimen to keep your skin moisturized and to reduce flaking.

Furthermore, you may have some mild peeling after your sessions, but it can be easily treated with a high-quality moisturizer from ZO® Skin Health, Inc.

If you’re ready to finally take care of that unwanted tattoo, book an appointment online or over the phone with Susan J. Seman, DO, FACOS, today.

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